The author of the Peñin Guide visited our winery

El autor de la Guía Peñin visitó nuestra bodega

We had the privilege of having the visit of the author of the Peñín Guide, José, who is dedicated to touring wineries around the world to include them in his guide.

On this occasion he was touring our winery and throughout Uruguay, where he announced that Uruguayan wines have an influence from the central fringe of Europe, in particular for his familiarity with the wines of the Maridan region (France).

Peñín, who has toured almost all the vineyards in the world, said that visiting Uruguay was an objective that he had yet to fulfill and that, although he has several ahead, after knowing some wineries he has begun to “take the pulse” of the wines of the country.

On the other hand, Peñín clarified that he was struck by how Uruguay, despite being a country not well known as a wine producer, “has been able to interpret the new philosophy of wine tourism very well”. “This is important because we have believed in the sector that wineries are work centers like the factory and, instead, they are centers of leisure and entertainment,” he said.